Dear Stupid Parents,

London is experiencing something of a heatwave at the moment and it is not only amazing, but potentially life-changing (at least a little bit, for a little while.)  Ok, ok, I’m kind of exaggerating but isn’t there just something about the sun and being outside that massages the soul and makes your cares melt away?

This weekend was hot hot hot so we met up with some friends for a picnic in the park – lots of food, lots of friends to help look after the boys, and – of course – alcohol.  Specifically, prosecco – ’cause we were celebrating life and weekends and friendship.  It was a glorious day, not least of all because being marginally tipsy is the most perfect state of being for a sunny weekend; we were all so full of love and laughter that I honestly felt able to forget about the fact that we all woke up bleary eyed after Baby Boy’s reeeeally poor sleeping the night before and that the Husband and I are both so homesick for our respective countries at the moment that we shuffled round the house in the morning barely speaking – me wiping the odd rogue tear and him drinking cup of tea after cup of tea. (A sure sign he ain’t totally ok.)

Fast forward a couple of hours and we were in the company of good friends in a wide open space with Baby Boy fast asleep in the pram, (he’s got day and night completely mixed up, apparently) and Toddler Boy tearing round the place showing off his new-found scooter skills.

Before we got fully tipsy and began declaring our love for each other and summer and cheese, we spent some time talking about the things that inevitably crop up in most conversations between friends at this point in 2017 – namely Trump, Syria and the colossal loss of life that just.keeps.happening.  We all agreed that our hearts were aching and that turning on the 10 o’clock news is like playing chicken with your emotions.  After not very long, to be honest, I had to ask that we change the subject; don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that we don’t hide away from the atrocities that are happening across the world – knowledge encourages an emotional response that in turn, spurs action, which we desperately need from all corners to help sort out this mess – but since becoming a parent, I am much less able to handle this stuff, and I was pretty bad at it before.  Tears come easily and the rage I feel at these injustices can ruin even the nicest occasions so I made my request and my lovely friends granted it.  But before we moved on completely, we took a moment to look around the park, to acknowledge the happy children, the smooching teens, the new parents, the grandparents, the ice-cream van, the runners, the dog-walkers, the dogs, the football coaches and the little ones playing football – all under the same sky, the same sun and we agreed that there is beauty in this world; so much of it, and when we see the love and feel the love, we can spread the love.

I don’t know what the answer is on a grand, international scale but what I learned this weekend is that when we’re faced with trouble, be it a sleepless night or the emotional low after watching the news, it’s a good idea to grab your loved ones, grab a bottle, sit in a park and say ‘I love you, now pass the prosecco.’

Peace and love, my friends,

Sep x