So pleased to have our first guest post here on Dear Stupid Parents, from none other than my very own mother! Find her on Instagram as @nanny2tu

How long have you been a parent?

Almost 40 years.

Who are you parent to?

4 children: 2 girls and 2 boys, including 20 year old twins.

What would you consider your biggest ย parenting success?

That the girls have grown up to be ย strong women, independent and able to look after themselves if and when they need to and not be one of those simpering females!

Can you give an example of your stupid parenting?

Well I can give an example but not of me being stupid, it’s about your daddy. One example of his stupid parenting is the time I went out one morning leaving your big brother – who was 3 at the time – and your daddy in bed. A few hours later, on my way home I met your brother walking up the road wearing a pyjama top, a pair of shorts and welly boots and carrying a small suitcase. Bearing in mind it was the middle of winter with snow lying on the ground! And he had crossed a busy main road by himself by the time I met him. When we got home, dad was still lying in bed sleeping! Another time he was really stupid is when he was at home with you one day while I was at work and someone called at the house for him – he jumped out of bed and left, completely forgetting about you in bed sleeping in the house on your own. You were 4 at the time – he didn’t remember about you for a few hours! I’ve loads more but I’ll stop there!

What lesson did this teach you?

The lesson I learned was do not leave young children with this dad.

Do you consider yourself a stupid parent?

No, I don’t think I was ever a stupid parent but not too sure about the other parent.