dear stupid parents

tales of life on a learning curve



Dear Stupid Parent,

Thanks for visiting. Just to be clear, I don’t think you’re stupid. I don’t think I’m stupid either but since becoming a parent, I’ve wondered about it once or twice.

I’m a happy/tired/often-confused mama to two pretty amazing but exhausting little boys.  The idea for this blog was born out of an idiot move I made when my first son was 13 months old; I gave him my makeup bag to keep him busy while I tidied the house (housekeeper’s day off or something) and when I came back to him a few minutes later, he’d not only taken the lid off my favourite lipstick but he’d bitten the top off it and smeared it over the carpet too – I’ve no idea what I thought a baby would do with the bits and bobs inside a makeup bag when I gave it to him but for some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that what he did do was a fairly obvious move.  Not the first time I’d felt like a stupid parent but the first time my stupidity made me laugh and (almost) cry at the same time.

I posted a picture of the lipstick on Instagram and started the caption with ‘Dear Stupid Parents’ and here I am, almost two years later, with this blog with the same three words.  On here you’ll find some tales about the many lessons I make on my quest to raise two normal human beings.  Sometimes I’ll ace it, sometimes I won’t; either way, I promise I’ll be honest about the reality of being a reasonably intelligent person but a kinda-stupid parent.

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And Facebook: @dearstupidparents

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